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F. A. Q.

What should I know before I submit a story?
  1. Stories must be complete. This is to help with categorizing and to also make sure that an author doesn't abandon a story or go on "hiatus" for months or even years.
  2. It must be fairly well-written. I'm not asking for top-quality, award winning, professional writing but if it's hard to read, poorly detailed, etc., then it most likely won't be posted.
  3. One-Shots are accepted!
  4. Jasper & Bella must be together at the end. Whatever happens during the story is fine just as long as our favorite pair have their happy ending together. ;)
Do you accept stories where Jasper does not end up with Bella?
No. After doing a poll, visitors decided they want their favorite couple together at the end of the story and so it shall be! ;)

Why does it take so long to post between stories?
  1. I am most likely doing other things while updating the blog; Thanks to Twitter, Facebook, etc., I multi-task like there is no tomorrow.
  2. Some stories I've never read before so I like to read it so I can decide what to use for categories.
  3. Some stories I have read but it's been a while and I've forgotten some or most of the storyline, thus I skim through to get the information I need for categories.
  4. I'm probably debating on whether or not to post a story, or which story I want to post next - sometimes I have several stories open at once.
Why do you use "categories"?
I do this because some people are not, for example, "Anti-Edward" so I think they deserve a little warning before clicking the link to the story. 

How often do you update the blog?
I have no set schedule and probably never will. I post when I have the time and energy to do so, though I do hope on posting 3-5 times a day no matter what gets in the way. ;)

How do you decide what to post?
Other than something being completed and decently written, I really have no set rules.